Can you survive nuclear fallout? - Brooke Buddemeier and Jessica S. Wieder

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Unimaginable is a word that is used to describe something that is too difficult or too strange to be possible.

  • The unimaginable amount of money that was lost in the disaster.
  • The unimaginable number of galaxies in the universe.

Decimating means to destroy or reduce the number of something very much. When a plague decimates a population, it kills a lot of people very quickly.

  • The decimating fire destroyed most of the buildings in the city.
  • The decimating effect of inflation has destroyed the middle class.

Tragically means fatally. When something tragic happens, it means that the person or thing involved ends up dying.

  • tragically, the plane crashed.
  • tragically, the child died.

Basements are the lower parts of a building, below the ground level. They are usually used for storage or for some other purpose that does not require exposure to the outside world.

  • The basement is always dark, because the windows are closed.
  • The basement is always cold, because the windows are open.

To cool something is to make it less hot. You can cool something by using cold water or ice.

  • The ice cream was cooled by the cold water.
  • The sun was quickly going down, and the temperature was beginning to drop.

Ionic means relating to atoms and ions. Ionizing radiation is radiation that consists of ions. Ionizing radiation can damage cells and DNA.

  • The cancer treatments use ionizing radiation.
  • The bomb created a lot of ionizing radiation.

When something is downwind, it is blowing in the opposite direction of the wind. This means that the object is blowing away from the person or place that is generating the wind.

  • The downwind wind is blowing the pollution away from the city.
  • The downwind wind is blowing the ship away from the shore.

The heaviest thing is the thing that weighs the most. The heaviest object in the room is the one that is the most difficult to move.

  • The heaviest thing in the room is the bookshelf.
  • The heaviest thing in the room is the person.

To rooftop is to go up on the roof of a building. This is usually done to get a better view of the city.

  • They went rooftop to see the fireworks.