Can you solve the virus riddle? - Lisa Winer

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A vial is a small, glass container. It's usually used to hold liquids or medications.

  • The doctor was going to give the patient a series of vials.
  • The vials of paint were spilled all over the floor.

To unleash is to let go of something. When you unleash a dog, you are letting it go free.

  • The dog was unleashed and ran into the street.
  • The protesters were unleashed when the police finally arrived.

An airlock is a space inside a spacecraft or station that is used to protect the crew from the vacuum of space. It's also used to allow the crew to exchange air and other necessary supplies.

  • The airlock was damaged in the accident, so the crew couldn't enter or leave the ship.
  • The airlock was used to allow the crew to escape the station.

To destruct something is to break it or to damage it. When the government destroyed the city, they were breaking the buildings and causing a lot of damage.

  • The construction crews were destroying everything in their path.
  • The wind is destructing the trees.

When a school or other place is locked down, it means that the doors are closed and no one is allowed in or out. This is usually done to protect the people inside from danger.

  • The school was placed on lockdown after a shooting was reported.
  • The airport was placed on lockdown after a bomb was discovered.

A mathematician is someone who is good at solving equations and problems in mathematics. They are usually very smart and analytical, and they can usually think on their feet.

  • The mathematician was able to solve the equation in a few seconds.
  • The mathematician is very good at solving equations, and she is always solving them in her head.

notoriously is an adverb that means very often. Some people use notoriously to describe famous people or things that have a lot of bad news associated with them.

  • She notoriously never finishes any of her projects.
  • The restaurant is notoriously dirty.

A checkerboard is a board that is divided into squares. It's used to play a game called checkers.

  • The checkerboard is in the corner of the room.
  • The checkerboard is a popular game to play on a rainy day.