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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When people are clamoring, they are speaking or shouting loudly. The noise of the clamor is unpleasant and can be heard from a long distance.

  • The protesters were clamoring for change, and they were very vocal.
  • The restaurant was so crowded that you could barely hear the music, and the clamor was intense.

The government can confiscate things when they believe that they are a danger to society. This might include things like weapons or drugs.

  • The government is confiscating all the weapons from the city.
  • The government is confiscating all the drugs from the pharmacy.

A scoundrel is a dishonest or unscrupulous person. They are often the kind of person who can't be trusted.

  • He is a scoundrel, and he won't give me the money that I borrowed.
  • She is a scoundrel, and she won't tell me the truth.

Legally means in a valid or authorized way. When you say that something is legally red, that means that it has the appropriate color and is not fake.

  • The paint is not legally red, because it's not approved by the government.
  • He can't legally vote because he's not a citizen.

To ponder something is to think about it carefully. You might ponder the consequences of your actions, or the implications of a situation.

  • He was pondering the consequences of his decision all night.
  • She was pondering the implications of the situation for hours before she made a decision.

To discreetly is to do something in a way that keeps the person or thing you're hiding from detection. You might discreetly hide the evidence when you're trying to prove that someone is guilty.

  • The detective discreetly took the evidence to the lab to be analyzed.
  • The teacher discreetly handed out the assignments to the students.

Deliberation is a process by which you decide something. You usually deliberate by thinking about the problem carefully, and you try to come up with a solution that is acceptable to both sides.

  • The committee deliberated for hours before they came to a decision.
  • He deliberated for hours before he came up with a solution.

Overshoot is when a spacecraft or rocket goes beyond the limits that were set for it. When the rocket overshoots its target, it can end up going too far and crashing into something.

  • The rocket overshot its target and hit a building.
  • The spacecraft overshot its target and ended up crashing into a planet.

Adversarial means hostile or opposed. The two companies are adversarial because they are opposed to each other.

  • The adversarial relationship between the teacher and the student is causing problems.
  • The adversarial relationship between the two countries is causing a lot of conflict.