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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To summon someone is to call them to come to a particular place. When you summon a person, you are usually asking them to come to your home or office.

  • The lawyer was summoned to appear in court.
  • The police officer was summoned to the scene of the crime.

Summoning is the act of calling someone or something to come to you. You might summon a spirit to help you in a magical ritual, or you might summon your friends to help you with your project.

  • The summoner called upon the spirit of the forest to help them fight the soldiers.
  • The summoner called upon their friends to help them with their project.

A triumph is something that you achieve after a difficult or challenging situation. When you triumph over something, you succeed in spite of the difficulty.

  • She was triumphant after her loss, because she learned a lot from it.
  • He was triumphant after his loss in the competition, because he learned a lot from the experience.

A matchup is a contest between two teams or two people. The two teams or the two people will be trying to do the same things, but the one that is better at doing those things will usually win.

  • The basketball team was facing off against their rivals in a matchup.
  • The candidate was facing off against their opponents in a matchup.

Mediocre is a word that is often used to describe something that is neither good nor bad. It's in the middle, and it's not very good or bad.

  • The movie was mediocre, but I still enjoyed it.
  • The test was mediocre, but it was still better than some of the other tests that I've taken.

Counterintuitive is an adjective that is used to describe something that is not what you would expect. For example, you might say that the decision to go on the trip was counterintuitive, because it was very cold outside.

  • The decision to go on the trip was very counterintuitive, because it was so cold outside.
  • The counterintuitive decision was to fire all the employees.

Unscrupulous means dishonest and unethical. The politician is unscrupulous because she is not honest about her political beliefs.

  • The unscrupulous doctor is only out to make money.
  • The unscrupulous businessman is callous and doesn't care about the people he's working with.

Nefarious means evil, harmful, or criminal. When you say that someone is nefarious, you mean that they are doing something very bad and harmful.

  • The politician is very nefarious, because he is trying to get votes by any means necessary.
  • The company is doing nefarious things, because they are cheating on their tests.

Foes is a word used to describe people or things that you oppose or hate. You might have a few personal foes, or you might oppose the government because you think it's bad.

  • He has a lot of political foes, and he doesn't shy away from expressing his opinion.
  • The opponents of the bill argued against it, and they had many foes.