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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The word intends can be used in two different ways. The first is to mean that someone has a specific goal in mind when they do something. The second is to mean that someone has a general desire or goal, but they aren't sure what steps they need to take to reach it.

  • He intends to win the championship this year.
  • She intends to become a successful businesswoman.

To terrorize someone is to cause them a lot of fear. You might terrorize them by making threats or by injuring them.

  • The robbers terrorized the customers and stole their money.
  • The monster terrorized the children by attacking them.

To slip is to accidentally fall or to slip on something. When she slipped on the ice, she fell down.

  • She slipped on the ice and fell down.
  • He slipped on the ice and hurt his leg.

When someone is on their teammates' side, they are supporting them and helping them to win. They are also usually working together to achieve a common goal.

  • The players on the team are teammates, and they are all working together to win.
  • My teammates and I are going to try and finish the race in the best possible time.

To hack is to break into someone's computer or computer system. When hackers break into a computer, they can steal all of the information that is on the computer.

  • The hackers were able to hack into the company's computer and steal all of the data.
  • The hacker was able to hack into the government's computer and steal all of the passwords.

To reactivate something is to make it active again. When you reactivate a computer, you make it work again.

  • The computer was reactivated after it had been frozen by the virus.
  • The company reactivated the old website after it had been abandoned for years.

To explode is to cause something to go off in a very large and violent way. When the bomb exploded, it caused a lot of damage.

  • The bomb exploded, causing a lot of damage.
  • The speaker's argument exploded when he started talking about politics.

To lair is to live in or near a place where you can hide or retreat. Animals that live in lairs often have a lot of protection from the weather.

  • The dragon has a lair deep in the forest.
  • The robbers used to lair in the abandoned warehouse.

Unreachable means that you cannot or will not be able to do something. Sometimes you might say that someone or something is unreachable because they are too far away or they are protected by a barrier.

  • The summit is unreachable because of the dangerous conditions.
  • The ship is unreachable because of the rough seas.