Are You Alone? (In The Universe)

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To colonize is to take over a new area and make it part of your own country or empire. Sometimes this is done by force, but other times it is done by convincing the people there to join your country or empire.

  • The settlers tried to colonize the new land, but they were unsuccessful.
  • The government tried to colonize the new land, but the people were resistant.

Phew is an expression that is used to express relief or happiness. It is often used when someone has just finished a difficult task or when they have finally been able to escape from a difficult situation.

  • After running for miles, she finally phews and sits down to catch her breath.
  • After finding the lost key, she phews with relief and puts it in her pocket.

Denser means thicker. When you describe something as denser, you are saying that it is more concentrated or thicker than usual.

  • The solution was more dense than water.
  • The soup was denser than usual, because it was made with barley.

A supernova is a type of explosion that occurs when a star explodes. The explosion is so powerful that it can be seen from very far away.

  • The supernova was so powerful that it was visible from Earth.
  • The supernova was so powerful that it destroyed the planet.

The inside of something is the part of it that is inside the boundaries of the thing. The inside of a house is the part of it that is inside the walls of the house.

  • The inside of the pot was dirty.
  • The inside of the balloon was filled with air.

A minuscule amount is a very small amount. A minuscule amount of sugar can make a drink very sweet.

  • The amount of sugar in the glass was minuscule.
  • The minuscule amount of water that was left in the pot was all that was needed to make the soup.

Mindblowing is an adjective used to describe something that is very surprising or amazing. When you say that something is mindblowing, you are using the word in a positive way.

  • The concert was mindblowing.
  • The movie was mindblowing.