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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone is taking a picture or video, they might use a flashbulb to light the subject up brightly. This makes the picture or video look very clear and easy to see.

  • The photographer wanted to capture the moment with a bright, clear flashbulb.
  • The photographer used a flashbulb to make the subject look more visible in the photo.

To propel something is to move it forward or forward quickly. You can propel a boat by pushing it with your feet or a motor.

  • The motor propelled the boat quickly across the water.
  • The boat was propelled by the wind across the lake.

Cinders are the small pieces of ash that are left over after a fire is gone. They are usually collected and thrown away, because they can be dangerous.

  • The cinders were thrown into the fire to make it stop burning.
  • The cinders were thrown into the garbage can to make it clean.

To somersault is to do a flip that is half way between a jump and a fall. When you somersault, you are using your body to turn upside down.

  • She somersaulted into the water when she saw the shark.
  • He somersaulted into the room to take the cake.

To skyrocket is to increase very rapidly in value or popularity. When the stock market goes up, a lot of companies' stock prices will skyrocket.

  • The stock market skyrocketed after the news broke.
  • The movie skyrocketed in popularity after the first week it was released.

ludicrously is used to describe something that is so ridiculous that it's not even funny. It's usually used in an ironic way.

  • The idea of a magical world is ludicrously ridiculous.
  • The costume was ludicrously bad.

Weirder means stranger than usual. When you say that something is weirder than usual, you mean that it is different from what you are used to.

  • The weirder the better, according to him.
  • The weirder the better, according to her.

Marathoners are people who run a long distance race. They usually start out by running a short distance race, and then they gradually increase the distance until they are running a marathon.

  • She is running the marathon this weekend.

Waists are the narrow part of a person's body that goes from their chest to their hips. Women often have wider waists than men, and people who are overweight have waistlines that are even wider.

  • The waistline on the dress was very narrow, which made it look very skinny.
  • The waistline on the skirt was very wide, which made it look baggy.