Architecture that's built to heal | Michael Murphy

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To repaint something is to paint it again, after it has been painted or decorated previously. Sometimes repainting is necessary because the original paint is damaged or peeling.

  • The house needed repainting after it was damaged by the storm.
  • The furniture needed repainting after it was covered in paint.

A refinished object is one that has been restored or updated. Sometimes the object is just slightly changed, but other times it is completely restored.

  • The furniture was refinished and the color was changed.
  • The refinished antique furniture was very expensive.

When something is unventilated, it doesn't have enough air. This can be a problem in a number of places, including buildings, cars, and airplanes.

  • The car has been left unventilated for too long, and it's beginning to smell bad.
  • The building is unventilated, and the air is getting stale.

To excavate is to dig down into the ground. Sometimes you excavate for the purpose of finding something valuable, like treasure. Other times you excavate for the purpose of building something new, like a road.

  • The construction company is excavating a new road.
  • The archaeological team is excavating the site of an ancient city.

When somebody leaves their handprint on something, they have left a physical evidence of their presence there. This can be anything from a fingerprint to a footprint.

  • The police found the handprint on the door.
  • The handprint was left on the glass door.

Bushmeat is meat that is taken from animals that live in the wild, like deer, monkeys, and gorillas. Bushmeat is often dangerous because it is not regulated, and it is not often safe to eat.

  • It's illegal to hunt and eat bushmeat in the United States.
  • The group is trying to protect the animals by hunting and eating bushmeat.

A lynching is a violent punishment that is often carried out by a group of people. They hang someone from a tree or wire fence, usually because they have done something that the group believes is wrong.

  • The town was in the middle of a lynching spree, and there had been five lynchings in the past week.
  • The lynching was a result of the rape and murder of a white woman.

When someone is lynched, they are killed by a group of people. They are usually killed because of their race, religion, or political beliefs.

  • The lynching of the black man was a tragedy.
  • The lynching of the political prisoner was an outrage.