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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To outlive something is to live longer than it. Sometimes people use the word to refer to someone who is going to survive a particular event or situation.

  • He is going to outlive the disease because he is younger and has a healthier lifestyle.
  • She is going to outlive the scandal because she is a good person who will not let it define her.

To encrypt is to turn information into a code that is difficult to understand or read. This is done in order to protect the information from being accessed by unauthorized people.

  • The government is encrypting all of the files in order to protect them from being leaked.
  • The software is encrypting the data so that it's safe to be stored on the computer.

To decrypt something is to figure out its secret code. Sometimes people use the word to refer to figuring out the meaning of a text or phrase.

  • The police were trying to decrypt the messages that the bomber sent.
  • The linguist is trying to decrypt the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

To decrypt something is to understand it or to decode it. Sometimes people use the word to describe the process of solving a puzzle or decoding a message.

  • He was trying to decrypt the message that was encrypted with the algorithm.
  • She was trying to decrypt the message that was hidden in the image.

To collide is to come into contact with something. When two cars collide, they hit each other head on.

  • The truck collided with the car head on.
  • The ball collided with the player's hand head on.

When two particles or objects collide, they combine together to create another object. This new object is called a collision.

  • The collision created a lot of dust.
  • The collision between the two cars created a lot of damage.

A startup is a new company or business. When a startup is starting off, it is often very small and undeveloped.

  • The startup is still in the early stages, and it's not very successful yet.
  • The startup is very successful, and it's growing very quickly.

Basements are the lower parts of a building, below the ground level. They are usually used for storage or for some other purpose that does not require exposure to the outside world.

  • The basement is always dark, because the windows are closed.
  • The basement is always cold, because the windows are open.

Mathematically means in a mathematical way. When you say that something is mathematically impossible, you mean that it is impossible for something to happen in a way that is consistent with the laws of mathematics.

  • The experiment cannot be mathematically done because the data is not consistent with the theory.
  • The problem cannot be mathematically solved because there are an infinite number of solutions.