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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

Oversimplification is when you reduce a complex situation to a few simple words or concepts. This can make it easier to understand, but it can also lead to mistakes.

  • The article oversimplifies the issue by saying that all immigrants are bad.
  • The teacher oversimplifies the concept of fractions by teaching them as whole numbers.

Comically means in a funny or humorous way. When you say that something is comically large, you mean that it's very large and not realistic at all.

  • The costume was so comically large that he couldn't even fit into it.
  • The play was comically bad, and all of the jokes were very funny.

Simplifications are generalizations or oversimplifications of complicated topics. They can make it easier to understand a complex issue, but they can also lead to inaccurate or incomplete information.

  • The simplifications in the news article are not very accurate.
  • The simplifications in the textbook are not very comprehensive.

Definiteness is the quality of being definite. Something that is definite is clear and unambiguous.

  • The definition is very definite, and there are no exceptions.
  • The definition is not very definite, and there are a lot of exceptions.

Overconfidence is a dangerous attitude that leads people to believe that they are smarter, faster, and better than they actually are. This can cause them to make bad decisions, because they are not careful enough.

  • He has a lot of overconfidence, which is why he is making such bad decisions.
  • She overconfidence led her to make a mistake during her math test.

To disavow something is to officially reject it. If a company disavows a product, they are saying that they no longer support it and will not sell it.

  • The company disavowed the product after it was found to be dangerous.
  • The politician disavowed his comments after they were widely criticized.

When you say "maybe," you are basically saying that you are not sure. Maybe means that you are not sure whether something is true or not.

  • Maybe I will go out with you tomorrow.
  • Maybe we can meet for lunch sometime.

YouTube is a website that lets you watch videos. You can access YouTube through your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • I found the video that I was looking for on YouTube.
  • Can you show me the YouTube app on my phone?