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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To plummet is to fall rapidly and suddenly. When the stock prices fell, the market plummeted.

  • The stock prices plummeted when the company released their latest earnings.
  • The plummet in the stock prices caused a lot of people to lose a lot of money.

Overlaps is a word that refers to the fact that two things are touching or overlapping. When two pieces of paper are overlapped, the edges of the paper are touching each other.

  • The edges of the paper overlapped.
  • The flag overlapped the flagpole.

To intersect is to come into contact with each other. When two lines intersect, they meet in the middle.

  • The intersection is where the two roads meet.
  • The intersection of the two planets is where they meet.

Audacious means daring and fearless. If you are audacious, you are not afraid to do or say anything.

  • He was very audacious, and he dared to kiss her.
  • The audacious stunt was risky, but it was successful.

To swoop is to suddenly attack someone or something. When the birds swoop down to catch a bird, they are attacking it very quickly.

  • The birds swooped down and caught the fly in their beaks.
  • The politician swooped in to take advantage of the situation.

Mangroves are trees that live in salt water. They grow a lot of roots deep in the water, which helps them to resist flooding.

  • The mangroves are a valuable part of the ecosystem, because they help to absorb the salt water.

To insulate something is to cover it with a material or substance that will prevent it from getting cold or wet. insulation can be used to protect things from the cold, the heat, or both.

  • The house was insulated with foam insulation, which protected it from the cold.
  • The insulation in the walls prevented the house from getting too hot.

To replenish something is to add new or additional supplies to it. When you replenish a tank of gas, you add new gas to it so that it has the same amount of fuel that it had when it was last filled.

  • The store is replenishing its supply of water every day.
  • The store is replenishing its supply of candy every week.

To replenish something is to fill it up again. When you run out of something, you might replenish it by buying more of it.

  • The store was out of milk, so they replenished it by buying a case of milk.
  • The museum needed to replenish the exhibits, so they hired a new curator.