An Election Redesign to Restore Trust in US Democracy | Tiana Epps-Johnson | TED

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When something is shockingly bad, it is so much worse than you expected. When you are shocked, you are not able to react in a normal way.

  • The movie was so shockingly bad that I couldn't take it anymore.
  • The article was so shockingly bad that I couldn't believe it was written by a professional journalist.

To underpin something is to support it with something else. When you underpin a building, you are providing the foundation for it.

  • The foundation was underpinned with concrete to make sure it would last.
  • The company is underpinning its new policy with research.

Disinformation is fake information that is designed to harm or confuse someone. Disinformation can be spread by governments, political parties, or other organizations.

  • The government is disseminating disinformation to try to discredit the opposition.
  • The political party is disseminating disinformation to try to win votes.

An escalator is a type of moving staircase. It uses a moving belt to move people up or down, and it usually has a stop at the top or the bottom.

  • The escalator was very slow, and it was taking forever to get up the stairs.
  • The escalator was moving too fast, and I was afraid that I would fall.

unrelenting means stubborn and determined, even when the situation is difficult or unpleasant. The fighter was unrelenting in her pursuit of the enemy.

  • The unrelenting heat was making it hard to breathe.
  • The unrelenting rain was making it very difficult to walk.

To revitalize something is to make it new and exciting again. Sometimes this means restoring its former glory, or making it into something that is new and different.

  • The museum wanted to revitalize the collection by adding new pieces.
  • The company wanted to revitalize its brand by creating new products.