An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Inwards means that something is directed or focused towards the inside. When you say that someone is looking inwards, you are referring to their behavior and not their actual appearance.

  • The inward gaze of the artist is focused on the beauty of the world.
  • The inward gaze of the politician is focused on the people of their country.

Prosocial is a word that describes activities or attitudes that are intended to help other people.

  • He is a very prosocial person, always trying to help others.
  • She is a very prosocial person, always trying to do what she can to help others.

Counteracts means to oppose or to work against. When you counteract something, you are trying to prevent it from happening.

  • The vaccine is designed to counteract the virus.
  • The government is trying to counteract the effects of the recession.

Measurably is adverbially. When you say that something is measurably different, you are saying that it is different in a way that can be measured.

  • The temperature was measurably colder outside.
  • The test was measurably harder than the practice test.

To downplay something is to make it seem less important or serious. Sometimes people downplay the importance of safety in order to make a decision.

  • The company downplayed the importance of the safety precaution and carried on with the experiment.
  • The teacher downplayed the importance of the test and gave the students a low score.

To solidify is to make something solid, to make it more firm or stable. When you solidify a liquid, you make it into a substance that is easier to handle.

  • The liquid was solidifying and turning into a solid.
  • The mud was starting to solidify, so the soldiers had to move quickly.

To say that something is bottomless means that it has no end. Sometimes people use the word to describe something that is very deep or wide.

  • The ocean is so huge that it's impossible to see the bottom.
  • The soup was so delicious that it was impossible to stop eating it.

To refocus is to change your focus, to shift your attention from one thing to another. When you refocus your attention, you are able to concentrate better on what you are doing.

  • The teacher tried to refocus the students on their work.
  • The athlete tried to refocus her attention on the game.

Reprogram is a verb meaning to change the programming of (something). You can reprogram a computer, or you can reprogram the way that a person thinks or behaves.

  • The computer was reprogrammed so that it would not take any more input.
  • The reprogramming of the computer was a success.