Alex Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your energy bill

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A blackout is a period of time when there is no electricity. This can happen during a storm, or it can be due to a problem with the power grid.

  • During the blackout, all of the lights in the city went out.
  • The power go out today due to a blackout in the area.

Incommodious means uncomfortable or unpleasant. The room was very incommodious because it was very hot and cramped.

  • The chair was very incommodious because it was too low to the ground.
  • The dress was very incommodious because it was too tight and tight around the neck.

Suasion is the use of persuasive words or actions to get someone to do something that they might not want to do.

  • The politician used suasion to convince the public to support the treaty.
  • The salesman used suasion to get the customer to buy the product.

To harness something is to put it into control or to make it work for your own purposes. When you harness a horse, you make it work for you by tying it to a cart or a wagon.

  • The team was able to harness the horse's strength and power.
  • The company was able to harness the power of the internet to spread their message.

A thing is controllable if you can influence or control it. A car is controllable because you can drive it where you want to go.

  • The child was not controllable, and the dog was able to control her.
  • The government is trying to control the amount of sugar that people are allowed to eat.

A wheelbarrow is a large, heavy object that is used to move things around. It is usually made out of metal or wood, and it has a platform on the top that is used to push things.

  • They needed to get the wheelbarrow out of the way so they could start moving the furniture.
  • The delivery guy needed to wheel the heavy furniture up the stairs in the wheelbarrow.

When you say that someone has a lightbulb moment, you mean that they suddenly understand a complicated idea or situation in a very simple way.

  • He had a lightbulb moment when he realized that he could use the computer to his advantage.
  • After the lightbulb moment, she started to understand the concepts better.

Grandmothers are women who are mothers or grandmothers to someone else's children. They are usually very close to their grandchildren, and they often take care of them when their parents are away or busy.

  • My grandmother is a great grandmother, which means she is a grandmother but her grandchildren are not her own.
  • My grandmother is my mother's mother, which means she is my grandmother's mother but her grandchildren are not her own.

When someone is tickled, they are feeling a sense of pleasure and amusement because they are being touched or poked in a funny or unexpected way.

  • She was tickled when he put his arms around her.
  • He was tickled when she tickled him under the arms.