A Transparent, Easy Way for Smallholder Farmers to Save | Anushka Ratnayake | TED

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A hectare is a unit of land that is equal to 1/10 of a square kilometer. It's usually used to measure land that is used for farming or for other purposes that require a lot of space.

  • The property is 2 hectares, which is twice the size of the lot that I wanted.
  • The farmer is growing crops on a hectare of land.

Resilient means able to survive difficult or difficult situations. When a plant is resilient, it is able to survive even when the environment is not very friendly.

  • The plant is very resilient, and it can survive even when the ground is wet.
  • The company is very resilient, and it can survive even when the market is tough.

To plow is to push a plow through the ground to turn the soil. This is usually done by a farmer to prepare the ground for planting.

  • The farmer is plowing the fields to prepare them for planting.
  • The construction crew is plowing the roadway in preparation for the new building.

Harvesting is the process of gathering the crops that have been planted in the past year. The crops are grown and then harvested, and the harvestable parts are taken away.

  • The harvest is the time when the crops are taken away and the farmers get their money.
  • The harvest is the time when the farmers get their crops, and they can sell them or use them.

Audacious means daring and fearless. If you are audacious, you are not afraid to do or say anything.

  • He was very audacious, and he dared to kiss her.
  • The audacious stunt was risky, but it was successful.