A practical way to help the homeless find work and safety | Richard J. Berry

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A panhandler is someone who asks people for money in the street. They usually have a cardboard box or a bag filled with items that they are selling.

  • The panhandler was trying to get people to buy his books.
  • The panhandler was trying to get people to buy his hot dogs.

When people are panhandling, they are asking for money from people who are walking by. They usually do this in busy areas, such as intersections or street corners.

  • The panhandler was asking for money from people walking by.
  • The panhandler was sitting on the sidewalk, asking people for money.

To hustle is to work hard and try to make as much money as possible. You might hustle by working odd hours or by doing extra work.

  • She hustles by working at two jobs to make ends meet.
  • The hustler was able to make a lot of money by hustling during the festival.

A tumbleweed is a type of grass that is blown around by the wind. It is usually white or light brown, and it is usually very short.

  • The tumbleweed was rolling down the hill, slowly and unsteadily.
  • The tumbleweed was blowing in the wind, quickly and erratically.

A chronically ill person is one who is always sick or who has a long-term illness. This means that the person is always having to go to the doctor, and they are usually unable to work.

  • He is chronically ill and can't work.
  • She has a chronically ill child, and she has to take him to the doctor all the time.

Pantries are rooms or areas in a house that are used to store food. They can be in the kitchen, the basement, or any other part of the house.

  • The pantry is in the basement, near the kitchen.
  • The pantry is usually stocked with food that is easy to eat, such as cereal and canned food.

Unsheltered means unprotected. When a tree is unsheltered, it doesn't have any shelter from the rain or the sun.

  • The tree was unprotected and was quickly destroyed by the rain.
  • The homeless person was unsheltered, and it was very cold outside.

A mayor is a person who is elected to lead a city or town. They are usually responsible for a lot of the day-to-day operations of the city or town.

  • The mayor was elected with the support of the majority of the voters.
  • The mayor is responsible for making sure that the city is run efficiently.