A New History for Humanity – The Human Era

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

breathtakingly is an adverb that means very impressively. When you say that something is breathtakingly beautiful, you are using the word very impressively.

  • The view from the window was breathtakingly beautiful.
  • The performance was breathtakingly good.

To distort is to change or to make something look different than it is. When you distort the truth, you are making a false statement.

  • The politician distorted the facts to make his point.
  • The photographer distorted the images to make them look more interesting.

Gatherers are people who collect things. They might collect food, or they might collect materials that they can use to build something.

  • The gatherers will collect all of the food that they can find.
  • The gatherers will collect all of the wood that they can find.

Metalworking is the process of working with metal to create things. This might include working with metal to make things like cars, guns, or tools.

  • He is a metalworker, which is why he knows so much about metal.
  • She is a metalworker, which is why she can make so many beautiful things out of metal.

Pictograms are pictures that are used to represent ideas or concepts. They are usually represented by a symbol that is easy to understand.

  • The pictograms on the sign represent the different types of food that are available.
  • The pictograms on the highway sign represent the different types of road that are available.

Carvings are pieces of wood or stone that have been shaped into a specific shape. They are often created to be used as decorations or as objects of art.

  • He made a few carvings of animals to sell at the market.
  • The carvings in the museum are very beautiful.

To domesticated something is to make it live in a house or other location that is controlled by humans. Animals that are domesticated are usually less aggressive than those that are not.

  • The zoo is trying to domesticate the lions so that they can be kept in the zoo.
  • The farmers are trying to domesticate the crops so that they can be grown in a controlled environment.

To artificially create something is to create it using techniques that are not natural. This can include things like using chemicals or machines.

  • The factory was using artificial lighting to create the desired effect.
  • The artist is using artificial materials to create her sculptures.

To freeze is to become very cold. When the temperature drops below freezing, you can start to freeze.

  • She was so angry that she froze when she talked to him.
  • The ice on the river was so thick that it froze over.