A day in the life of a Roman soldier - Robert Garland

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A legionary is a member of the Roman army. Legionaries were usually very young men who were inexperienced and not very well-trained.

  • The legionaries were poorly equipped and poorly trained.
  • The legionaries were not able to stand up to the enemy.

A legionary is a soldier in the Roman army. Legionaries were usually recruited from the poorest and most uneducated classes of society.

  • The legionaries were unable to hold the line against the enemy.
  • The legionaries were able to take the city without much difficulty.

A gladius is a type of sword that was used in ancient Rome. It was usually made from steel, and it was very sharp.

  • He was wielding a gladius, and he was looking very dangerous.
  • The gladius is a very deadly weapon, and it's not suitable for use in close quarters.

The scutum is a shield that was used by Roman soldiers. It was made out of a strong piece of wood that was covered in metal.

  • The scutum protected the soldier from being hit in the head.
  • The scutum was also used to shield the soldier from arrows and other projectiles.

A pickaxe is a tool that is used to cut rocks. It is usually shaped like a axe, but it has a long, thin blade that is used to cut through the rock.

  • He was using the pickaxe to break through the ice.
  • The pickaxe is a tool that is used to break through rocks.

When someone is revolted, they are very upset and angry over something. They might be revolted by the smell of a rotting animal, by the sight of blood, or by the sound of screaming.

  • The revolting smell was making her sick.
  • The revolting sight of blood made her sick to her stomach.
  • The revolting sound of screaming made her sick to her stomach.

A causeway is a bridge or road that is built over a body of water. The causeway usually has a bridge that is wide and tall enough for cars to pass through.

  • The causeway connects the two islands.
  • The causeway connects the city with the beach.