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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A gatekeeper is someone who is in charge of a gate or a door. They are usually responsible for keeping the peace and preventing chaos from happening.

  • The gatekeepers were able to keep the peace and prevent the crowd from entering the stadium.
  • The gatekeepers are responsible for the security of the building.

To precipice is to reach the edge of a cliff or a slope. If you're walking on a precipice, you're very likely to fall down.

  • The cliff is very steep, and the path leading to the top is very narrow.
  • The boat was just about to reach the precipice, when it capsized.

To be beholden is to be indebted to, or to have a strong obligation to. Someone who is beholden to a debt must pay it back no matter what.

  • The company is beholden to the government because they owe them money.
  • The company is beholden to the workers because they agreed to be paid in full.

To poof something is to make it disappear suddenly. If you poof a balloon, it pops and the air inside it goes away.

  • The magician poofed the balloon and the kids were surprised.
  • The project poofed when the funding ran out.

When something is saggy, it is loose and droopy. This can be a problem if it is hanging from something, or if it is just lying flat.

  • The shirt was saggy on the bottom, and it was starting to fall down.
  • The fabric on the dress was saggy and it looked terrible.

To codify is to create a system or code for something. This can be done in a number of ways, including by making a list of all the rules, by creating a dictionary, or by creating a set of guidelines.

  • The government is codifying the law, which is why it's so difficult to change it.
  • The company is codifying the rules of the game, which is why it's so difficult to cheat.

To bartend is to serve drinks to customers. A bartender usually works in a bar or club.

  • She is a bartender at the bar.
  • I bartended at the bar last night.

A phenom is someone who is very talented or successful. They are usually known for doing something very well for a very long time.

  • The phenom is a very talented basketball player.
  • The phenom is a very successful singer.