A call to men | Tony Porter

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Tragically means fatally. When something tragic happens, it means that the person or thing involved ends up dying.

  • tragically, the plane crashed.
  • tragically, the child died.

To empty something is to take all of the content out of it. When you empty a container, you remove all of the liquid and the food.

  • The container was empty after I emptied it.
  • The bottle was almost empty, but I decided to fill it up again instead.

To apologize is to say sorry to someone. When you apologize, you are admitting that you were wrong and that you want to make things right.

  • He apologized to the teacher for calling her a name.
  • She apologized to her friend for not being there when she needed her.

A tenement is a type of building that was used in the past to house the poor and the working class. It was usually made out of wood or brick, and it was very crowded.

  • The tenement building was built in a hurry, and it was not very sturdy.
  • The tenement building is still used today, but it's no longer as crowded.

To prowl is to move around searchingly. You might prowl through your belongings in a hurry, or you might prowl through a dark alley looking for someone.

  • The animal was prowling around, looking for a chance to attack.
  • The police are prowling the area, looking for anyone who might have information about the crime.

Petrified means frozen in fear or terror. When the petrified man saw the snake, he was frozen with fear.

  • The petrified man was so afraid that he could not move.
  • The petrified man was so afraid that he could not speak.

When someone is conflicted, they are feeling two or more different emotions at the same time. This can be difficult to deal with, and it can often lead to problems.

  • He is conflicted about what to do because he is afraid of getting in trouble, but he also wants to help the person.
  • She is conflicted about whether or not she should go to the party, because she knows that she won't enjoy it, but she also wants to make the other person happy.

When someone is enveloped, they are surrounded by or covered by something. They might be surrounded by fog, or they might be surrounded by a crowd.

  • The police were enveloped by the protesters when they tried to arrest them.
  • The tree was enveloped in fog, which made it difficult to see.

Objectification is the act of treating someone as a thing instead of a person. This can be done in a number of ways, from treating them as an object that you can use, to viewing them as a source of amusement or pleasure.

  • The clothing company is objectifying women by dressing them in very revealing clothes.
  • The journalist is objectifying the people in the photos by treating them as objects.