A brief history of cannibalism - Bill Schutt

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To mummify something is to preserve it by wrapping it in cloth or paper and then putting it in a dry place. Mummified bodies are often found in ancient tombs.

  • The mummy was found mummified in a tomb.
  • The mummy was mummified with the use of a preservative.

Colonizers are people who move to a new place and try to take over the local culture. They often start off by doing things that are popular in their new home, but they eventually start to change the way the people live.

  • The colonizers tried to change the way the people dressed, behaved, and spoke.
  • The colonizers tried to change the way the people thought.

To dehumanize someone is to make them seem like an animal, or to treat them like an animal. You might dehumanize someone by calling them names, or by treating them like they are not human.

  • He dehumanized her by calling her a name.
  • The soldiers dehumanized the prisoners by treating them like animals.

A cannibalistic person is someone who eats other people. This can be done for any reason, from hunger to revenge.

  • The tribe was cannibalistic because they were starving.
  • The tribe was cannibalistic because they wanted to punish the other tribe.

An opportunist is someone who is always looking for their chance to take advantage of a situation. They are usually very quick to take advantage of any opportunity that they see.

  • The opportunist tried to take advantage of the situation by giving the victim a discount.
  • The opportunist was taking advantage of the fact that the victim was emotional.

A concoction is a mixture of different things. It can be anything from a drink to a recipe.

  • She mixed a concoction of milk, sugar, and eggs together.
  • He mixed a concoction of paint, water, and paintbrushes together.

When something is fictionalized, it is made up. This means that the events, characters, and settings in the story are all made up.

  • The movie was fictionalized, which is why it was a lot of fun.
  • The story is fictionalized, which is why it's not true.