"A Bird Made of Birds" | Sarah Kay

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The term "grandeur" refers to the quality of being great or impressive. Something that is grandiose is very large, very detailed, or very complex.

  • The building has a grandiose facade.
  • The movie was full of grandiose scenes.

A starling is a small, brightly-colored bird that is often seen in urban areas. They are known for their loud, chirping calls.

  • The starling is a common bird in the city, and it often nests in buildings.
  • The starling is a common bird in the city, and it often nests in buildings.

Starlings are a type of bird that is often used as an example of a bird that migrates. They are able to travel long distances by flying high in the sky and then dropping down to earth again.

  • The starlings flew south for the winter.
  • The starlings are coming back to the nest.

Amorphous means that the shape of the object is not clearly defined. This is usually a bad thing, because it means that the object is difficult to understand or to control.

  • The amorphous blob on the screen was difficult to see.
  • The amorphous liquid was difficult to pour.

Swarming is a term that is used to describe a group of insects or animals that are moving around together in a coordinated way. Swarming is often used to describe a lot of activity, such as when a group of bees are flying around.

  • The swarm of bees was swarming around the flower.
  • The swarm of protesters was swarming outside of the building.

Blistering is a very strong word that is used to describe something that is very hot. When you blister, you get a lot of red and pus-filled bumps on your skin.

  • The sun was blistering and the heat was unbearable.
  • The heat was blistering, and I couldn't stand it.

Unmistakable means that something is so clear and obvious that you would be hard-pressed to mistake it for anything else.

  • The dress is unmistakable.
  • The singer's voice is unmistakable.

Flapping is the sound that an animal or person makes when they are flying. Many birds, such as geese and ducks, flap their wings to fly.

  • The duck was flying around and making a lot of flapping noise.
  • The wind was making a lot of flapping noise as it hit the trees.

To decompose is to break down into smaller and smaller pieces. The object or person decomposes when the cells that make it up die.

  • The body decomposes when the skin breaks down.
  • The furniture decomposes when the wood rots.