7 principles for building better cities | Peter Calthorpe

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To segregate is to divide people or things into different groups. This can be done for any reason, but it is usually done because it is thought to be better for the people or things involved.

  • The school is segregating the students by race.
  • The company is segregating the workers by gender.

An enclave is a small, isolated group of people or animals who live in a specific area without any other people or animals nearby.

  • The enclave of lions is growing smaller each year because there are not enough food sources.
  • The enclave of bats is a valuable resource because they eat mosquitoes.

A walkable city is one that is easy to walk around in. This means that there are a lot of sidewalks and streets that are wide and easy to walk on.

  • The city is not very walkable because the streets are narrow and the sidewalks are not very wide.

A pocketbook is a small, often leather-covered book that is used to store money, cards, and other items. pocketbooks are often carried in a woman's purse.

  • She always carries her purse in her pocket, so she can easily grab it if she needs to.
  • I always carry my wallet in my pocket, so I don't have to worry about it getting lost.

Illegally means that something is not authorized by law. This can refer to anything from drugs to sex.

  • The drug is illegally imported, which is why it's so dangerous.
  • The sex was illegally conducted, which is why it's a crime.

bulldozing is the act of using a bulldozer to push things down or over. When the bulldozer is used to demolish a building, it's often very destructive.

  • The bulldozer was bulldozing the house down.
  • The bulldozer was bulldozing the protesters out of the way.

An armature is a structure or device that is used to support or hold something in place. Armatures can be made from a variety of materials, and they are often used in the construction industry.

  • The armature was damaged in the storm, and the building began to sag.
  • The armature held the statue in place, even though it was heavy.

When someone is reconnected, they are finally able to go back to being friends with someone after a period of tension or hostility.

  • They reconnected after a long estrangement.
  • The two companies reconnected after a long break.