5 tips to improve your critical thinking - Samantha Agoos

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A craze is a popular thing that is suddenly very popular. The craze might be something that people use a lot, or it might be something that people want to wear or eat a lot.

  • The craze for the color purple started when people started wearing it a lot.
  • The craze for Harry Potter started when the books were released.

When you are bombarded, you are hit with a lot of things or ideas at once. This can be a very overwhelming experience, and it can lead to confusion and chaos.

  • The meeting was bombarded with questions from the media.
  • She was bombarded with emails from supporters.

To deconstruct something is to break it down into its parts, to analyze it. When you deconstruct a theory, you are trying to find out how it works and how it is wrong.

  • The theory was deconstructed by the researcher, who found that it was wrong on many levels.
  • The deconstruction of the building was a disaster.

Skepticism is a type of doubt. When you are skeptical, you are not sure that what you are seeing is really happening.

  • He has a lot of skepticism about the new technology.
  • She is a skeptic when it comes to new medical treatments.

Obscured means covered or hidden. When the sun is obscured by clouds, you can't see the sky.

  • The eclipse was partially obscured by the clouds.
  • The microphone was obscured by the speaker.

To sift is to try to find the best pieces of something. When you're sifting through your mail, you are trying to find the important letters and delete the rest.

  • The sifter is used to sift the flour.
  • The sifter is used to sift the gold.

Testimonies are stories or letters that are written about a particular topic. They can be written by people who were involved in the event, or by people who were not involved but want to share their opinion.

  • The testimonies are very emotional, and they make it clear how much the students care about the teacher.
  • The testimonies are very supportive of the new curriculum, and they make it clear how much the students will benefit from it.

Unintended means that the thing that you were trying to do didn't happen the way that you wanted it to. Sometimes the thing that you were trying to do can be a little bit dangerous, and that's why it's called unintended.

  • The unintended consequence of his plan was that it caused a lot of damage.
  • The unintended consequence of her decision was that she ended up getting fired.

To eradicate something is to completely remove it from the world. This can be done through natural or artificial means.

  • The government plans to eradicate the virus by using a vaccine.
  • The company plans to eradicate the competition by buying their company.