5 Promising Factors Propelling Climate Action | Gabriel Kra | TED Countdown

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Clunky is a word that is used to describe something that is not very smooth or elegant. Clunky things often have a lot of parts that don't fit together very well.

  • The computer is very clunky because the mouse is not very accurate.
  • The shoes are very clunky because they are made out of a material that is not very soft.

The riskiest thing that you can do is to take a risk. When you take a risk, you are gambling with something important.

  • The riskiest thing that you can do is to invest your money in the stock market.
  • The riskiest thing that you can do is to go skydiving.

To propel something is to push or move it forward. A rocket propels itself forward by using a fuel that is stored inside the rocket.

  • The rocket propelled itself into the sky.
  • The boat was propelled forward by the current.

To revolutionize something is to change it completely. When the government starts to revolutionize, they are changing the way that the country is run.

  • The government is trying to revolutionize the education system.
  • The company is trying to revolutionize the way that they do business.

Wickedly is adverbially. When something is wickedly, it is extremely bad. The weather is wickedly cold.

  • The wickedly cold weather is making it very difficult to work.
  • The wickedly competitive students are trying to oneup each other all the time.

Emitters are objects that release something into the atmosphere. Cars emit pollution, and factories emit toxic chemicals.

  • The factory is releasing a lot of pollutants into the air, which is causing a lot of problems.
  • The car emits pollution, which is contributing to global warming.

Sustainably means in a way that doesn't damage the environment or the Earth's resources. It's important to be sustainable because it's not healthy for the planet to continue using resources in the way that we are currently doing.

  • The company is trying to be sustainable by using recycled materials.
  • The city is trying to be sustainable by using green energy.

To catalyze something is to cause it to start working. When you catalyze a reaction, you make it happen faster than it would normally happen.

  • The catalysts allowed the reaction to catalyze more quickly.
  • The catalysts were not strong enough to catalyze the reaction.