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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

Stereotypically is used to describe something that is usually thought of in a particular way, or that is usually associated with a particular group of people.

  • He is a typical male; he likes cars and video games.
  • She is a typical female; she likes shopping and gossiping.

To agonize is to feel a lot of pain or suffering. When you agonize over a decision, you spend a lot of time thinking about it and trying to come up with a solution.

  • The patient was agonizing over the decision to have the surgery or not.
  • The athlete was agonizing over the decision to compete or not.

The word furthest means the most distant. When you say that someone is the furthest away from you, you are referring to the place where they are the most distant from you.

  • He is the furthest away from me, and I am the furthest away from him.
  • The furthest point from the sun is called the winter solstice.

When someone is disorganized, they are not properly organized. This means that their belongings are not in a systematic order, and their files are not organized.

  • The office is disorganized, which is why it's difficult to find anything.
  • The student's desk was a disaster, with papers all over the place and no organization whatsoever.

When people are maligned, they are treated unfairly and unfairly criticized. They may be called names, they may be treated poorly, and they may be made to feel unwelcome.

  • The politician was maligned after the speech, and no one wanted to talk to her anymore.
  • The company was maligned after they made the mistake of releasing the product early.

When you are feeling lost or alone, you might find comfort in things like books, music, or friends. Solace is the feeling of relief or comfort that you get from these things.

  • She found solace in reading the book.
  • He found solace in listening to music.

Randomness is something that is unpredictable, uncontrolled, and chaotic. Randomness can be found in the world around us, and it can be a source of chaos and disorder.

  • The randomness of the numbers on the machine made it difficult to predict the outcome.
  • The randomness of the dice resulted in a lot of chaos.

Funny means pleasant, amusing. When you say something is funny, you mean that it is making you laugh.

  • The joke was funny, and the audience laughed.
  • The movie was funny, and the jokes were well executed.

To forgive is to forget the wrong that was done, to stop feeling angry and resentment towards the person who hurt you. Forgiveness is sometimes difficult, but it is important for both the person who was hurt and the person who hurt them.

  • She struggled to forgive her exboyfriend, but eventually she was able to do it.
  • It's difficult to forgive someone who has hurt you, but it's ultimately worth it.