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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To obsess is to focus all of your attention on something, to become very focused on it. When you obsess about something, you are constantly thinking about it, and you are not able to focus on anything else.

  • He obsesses about his work all the time.
  • She obsesses about her weight, and she can't stop thinking about it.

Disputable means that something is open to debate or argument. This is usually because there is a lot of disagreement about what the correct answer is.

  • The law is disputed because there is not a clear consensus about what should be done.
  • The theory is disputed because there is not a lot of evidence to support it.

To dread something is to have a very strong negative feeling about it. You might dread going to school, because you know that you're going to have a lot of homework.

  • She dreads going to school because of the amount of homework she has.
  • I dread going to work because I know that I'm going to be stuck in a boring meeting all day.

When someone has transitioned, they have gone through a process of changing their gender. This process can be difficult, but it is ultimately worth it.

  • She transitioned in 2015, and her transition was very difficult.
  • He transitioned in 2017, and his transition was much easier.

Counterarguments are arguments that are designed to counteract the points that the other person is making. They are usually designed to show that the other person's argument is not valid.

  • The counterargument to the argument was that the person was not eligible to vote.
  • The counterargument to the argument was that the person was not actually injured.

To upend something is to cause it to fall over. If you upend a table, it will fall over and the dishes will get broken.

  • He upended the table and caused the dishes to fall.
  • The protesters upended the tables and started to throw food.

To sneeze is to interrupt the flow of air out of your nose by inhaling sharply. This causes you to cough, and sometimes to cry.

  • He sneezed when he was trying to hide the book from her.
  • She sneezed when she was allergic to something.