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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone says that they're robbing a bank, they are using the term metaphorically. They are not actually going to rob a bank.

  • He said that he was robbing the bank because he needed money.
  • The police are trying to catch the robber, who is allegedly robbing a bank.

To dehumanize someone is to reduce them to the level of an animal. You might dehumanize someone by calling them names or making fun of them.

  • He dehumanized her by calling her a stupid name.
  • The professor dehumanized the students by treating them like animals.

perplex is to confuse or to make something difficult to understand. When you perplex someone, you make it difficult for them to understand what you're saying.

  • The professor was perplexed by the student's question.
  • The diagram made it difficult to understand, so the employees were perplexed by it.

To freak out is to become very upset or scared. When the students freaked out, they became very frightened and were not able to think straight.

  • The student freaked out when she saw the snake.
  • The student freaked out when she saw the spiders.

Audacity is the courage to do something that you know is risky or dangerous. Sometimes audacity is required in order to do something that is important.

  • She has a lot of audacity, because she's always trying to be the first to try new things.
  • The audacity of the proposal surprised even the most seasoned negotiators.

Disseminators are people who spread information or ideas. They are usually responsible for getting information out to a large audience.

  • The disseminators decided to release the information to the public.
  • The disseminators are responsible for getting the information to the students.

A cultivator is a person who grows crops. They usually work on a farm, but they can also work in a garden.

  • The cultivators are going to plow the field.
  • The gardener is going to cultivate the flowers.