1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Tethers are ropes or chains that are used to tie something down. They are often used to keep animals in a particular area, or to hold a boat in place.

  • The tethers were too short, and the boat drifted away.
  • The tethers were too long, and the dog was able to escape.

A counterweight is something that is used to balance something. It's usually a big, heavy object that is placed on one side of a scale to help balance the weight.

  • The counterweight helped to balance the scale, so the heavier side was the bottom.
  • The counterweight was used to balance the scales so that the heavier side was on the bottom.

A catapult is a device that is used to launch objects high into the air. It is usually powered by a person or animal walking or running back and forth, and the object is thrown using a lever or a bow.

  • The catapult was used to launch the rocks into the air.
  • The catapult was used to launch the flaming arrows into the air.

A meteorite is a piece of rock that has been pulled from outer space and landed on Earth. It's usually a very rare event, and it's usually found in remote areas.

  • A meteorite landed in a farmer's field.
  • A meteorite fell out of the sky and crashed into a farmhouse.

When you're talking about the weight of something, you can use the word payloads to refer to the weight of the object itself, as well as the weight of the material that the object is made of.

  • The payload of the rocket was very heavy.
  • The payload of the bomb was very dangerous.

Airliners are large, commercial airplanes that are used to travel across the world. They are usually filled with people, luggage, and cargo.

  • The airline was grounded after a bomb was found on one of their planes.
  • The airline is struggling because of the high cost of fuel.

When something is interplanetary, it is located or occurring between the planets in our solar system. Sometimes interplanetary refers to things that are beyond our own planet, such as outer space.

  • The interplanetary space probe will be visiting Uranus this year.
  • The interplanetary war is a war that is taking place outside of our solar system.

Comparably means in the same way, or at least as good. When you say that something is comparably priced, you mean that it is not very expensive compared to other things of the same type.

  • The shirt is comparably priced to the one I bought last year.
  • The cake is comparably priced to the one at the bakery down the street.

To perk up is to make something more cheerful or enjoyable. When you perk up someone's day, you make them feel better.

  • The flowers perk up the room with their beautiful colors.
  • The speaker tried to perk up the audience with some humorous remarks.