10 years to transform the future of humanity -- or destabilize the planet | Johan Rockström

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To transgress is to break a rule or law. When you transgress, you are doing something that is not allowed.

  • He was caught stealing and was immediately punished for his transgression.
  • The protesters were trying to transgress the rules of the park by marching through it.

To amplify something is to make it louder or more visible. When you amplify a sound, you make it louder so that you can hear it better.

  • The speakers were amplifying the music so that everyone could hear it.
  • The sound of the waves was amplified by the sound system.

To destabilize something is to make it unstable or to cause it to break down. When the government destabilizes the economy, they are causing a lot of problems for the people.

  • The government is destabilizing the economy by printing too much money.
  • The destabilizing forces in the world are making it harder and harder to live in a stable way.

Belching is the act of throwing up. When you belch, you usually make a loud noise and send a cloud of air out of your mouth.

  • He belched loudly after he had eaten his dinner.
  • She belched after she had eaten a big dinner.

To lurch is to move suddenly and unsteadily. When you lurch forward, you stumble and fall.

  • His body lurched forward as he fell to the ground.
  • The ship lurches forward as it leaves the port.

An interglacial is a period of time between ice ages. It's usually defined as the time between the last ice age and the next one.

  • The interglacial began about 10,000 years ago.

To rewind something is to go back and watch or listen to it again from the beginning. Sometimes people rewind their life, replaying the same events over and over again.

  • She rewound the tape and watched it again.
  • The rewinding button on the VCR was accidentally pushed.

When something is uninhabitable, it is not able to be lived in or used. This can be because of a natural disaster, war, or some other problem.

  • The city was completely uninhabitable after the earthquake.
  • The war made the area completely uninhabitable.