Zebras are animals that are sometimes called horses with a stripe. They are usually black, but they can also be brown or white.

  • The zebras are the stars of the show.

  • The zebras are a protected species, so you can't take pictures of them.


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Example Sentences for zebras

  • 1

    However stripes do help the zebra hide in the herd.

  • 2

    However, stripes do help the zebra hide in the herd.

  • 3

    Do all zebras have the same stripe pattern

  • 4

    But the lion does not rape the zebra.

  • 5

    But the lion doesn't rape the zebra.

  • 6

    The lion attacks the zebra, and kills it.

  • 7

    The zebra is being chased by a lion.

  • 8

    Examples of such animals are zebras, elephants, and wildebeest.

  • 9

    The Zony is the result of crossbreeding a pony to a zebra.

  • 10

    Again the Japanese keeps the zebra, and the Norwegian drinks water.