Yodeling is a type of singing that is done using a yodeler's voice. Yodelling is usually done in a country or folk music setting, and it is often used to accompany other instruments.

  • The yodelling was really good, and it added a lot of flavor to the performance.

  • The yodelling was really bad, and it was very annoying.

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Example Sentences for yodeling

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    The first activity is learning to yodel.

  • 2

    Give the bastards a good hard yodeling.

  • 3

    One song incorporates a type of yodel into it.

  • 4

    The call is a yodelling high pitched wail.

  • 5

    The call is a yodelling high pitched wailing.

  • 6

    She is also famous for yodeling in some songs.

  • 7

    Perhaps a better example might be competitive yodeling.

  • 8

    Just stick with the link to the main Yodel site.

  • 9

    An Austrian went yodeling on a mountain top high.

  • 10

    There is a hint of yodel in the echo of the train traveling in the distance.