The paper has yellowed over time because of the ink that was used to write on it. The yellowing is caused by the ink reacting with the paper fibers.

  • The paper has yellowed because of the ink that was used.

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Example Sentences for yellowed

  • 1

    The thighs are marbled yellow and black and the armpit is yellow.

  • 2

    The knob of the haltere is yellow while the stalk is brownish yellow.

  • 3

    The color of the mouth is yellow.

  • 4

    The red and yellow are the debris.

  • 5

    The bill is yellow and the iris is red.

  • 6

    The canary yellow represents the sun.

  • 7

    The eyes are yellow and the beak is pale.

  • 8

    The flesh is juicy and yellow in colour.

  • 9

    The fruit is a yellow seedpod in length.

  • 10

    The iris is yellow and the tongue black.