To weave is to create a fabric by threading one thread through the other. Weaving is a very ancient form of art, and it is still done today.

  • The rug was woven by hand.

  • The fabric was woven on a loom.

Definition of wove


To form something by passing lengths or strands of material over and under one another.


To spin a cocoon or a web.


To unite by close connection or intermixture.


To compose creatively and intricately; to fabricate.


(of paper) made on a mould of closely woven wire

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Example Sentences for wove

  • 1

    Let's weave a couple into the text.

  • 2

    The men plow and the women weave.

  • 3

    She knows how to weave fabric.

  • 4

    The lady weaved the silk to make a blanket.

  • 5

    Again the process is done by weaving the ends alternately.

  • 6

    The art of embroidery is not the same as carpet and rug weaving.

  • 7

    A weaving mill needed yarn suitable for the warp and the weft.

  • 8

    At court, she learned to weave, dance and be dutiful and obedient.

  • 9

    Honeycomb coils are coils wound using a crisscross weave.

  • 10

    Hyundai intends to weave smart phone into a car key