When someone is working on a lot of different tasks, they are said to have a workload. This means that their job is difficult and they are often tired.

  • She has a heavy workload because she has to do a lot of different things.

  • The company is having a lot of trouble with their workload because they are trying to do too many things at once.

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Example Sentences for workloads

  • 1

    It alleviates some of the workload.

  • 2

    Enjoy the downscaling of workload.

  • 3

    The workload befell on the workers.

  • 4

    The arduous workload addled them.

  • 5

    The workload disenfranchised the rights of the workers.

  • 6

    Part of the brainstorming was to reduce the checkuser's workload.

  • 7

    The driver software balances the workload to the chips.

  • 8

    The heavy workload beleaguered the company workers.

  • 9

    The workload is incredible and the academics are thoroughly challenging.

  • 10

    This decreases the workload of the pilot and increases efficiency.