When something is wobbling, it is moving back and forth or side to side. This can be a sign of instability or danger.

  • The tower is wobbling because of the earthquake.

  • The boat is wobbling because of the waves.

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Example Sentences for wobbling

  • 1

    In practical terms, the wheel will wobble.

  • 2

    Otherwise the picture could wobble.

  • 3

    The ground began to wobble fiercely.

  • 4

    The wobble board is a wooden disk.

  • 5

    The top will wobble and eventually stop spinning.

  • 6

    The inebriated butterflies wobble in flight and are easy to catch.

  • 7

    In rocker boards and wobble boards, the fulcrum is attached to the board.

  • 8

    The rolling shutter causes the image to wobble unnaturally and bizarrely.

  • 9

    Also, the ending just says that the top slows and begins to wobble.

  • 10

    As the axle rotates the motor wobbles, shaking the wood and generating ripples.