To be wistful is to feel sad and nostalgically sentimental. Sometimes wistful feelings are a sign that someone is feeling lonely or abandoned.

  • She was wistful as she looked at the pictures of her past.

  • The wistful look on his face said it all.

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Example Sentences for wistful

  • 1

    That was the initial wistful thinking.

  • 2

    The overall impression is both languid and wistful.

  • 3

    I took the comment as sincerely, not ironically, wistful.

  • 4

    The effect of wistful intimacy is not a result of improvisational looseness.

  • 5

    The sad, wistful gaze is typical of mummy portraits.

  • 6

    It makes the earth sound like a wistful and romantic entity.

  • 7

    Many of them are wistful, dreamy and melancholic but also naturalistic.

  • 8

    The fourth movement of the Serenade is a tranquil, wistful slow movement.

  • 9

    Her distracted and wistful mood arouses sexual interest in him.

  • 10

    Her words were wistful, melancholic and foreshadowed the pain to come.