A windowless room is a room that doesn't have any windows. This means that the room is very dark and difficult to see in.

  • The room was windowless, which made it very dark.

  • The room was windowless, which made it very cold.

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Example Sentences for windowless

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    I open the folder and it closes the window.

  • 2

    I opened the window.

  • 3

    It had a door made of steel, had no windows, and was soundproof.

  • 4

    Part of the room is the opening provided by the dormer window.

  • 5

    The Church windows were opened to cope with the blast.

  • 6

    The crew manually opens the shutter to use the window.

  • 7

    That will necessitate costly home security systems that monitor doors and windows.

  • 8

    Appetizer is one of the few open source docks for Windows.

  • 9

    In summer instead of using the air conditioner open a window.

  • 10

    One recommended to sleep with the windows open as shivering burns calories.