When you are winded, you are very tired. When you are winded from running, you can't walk very fast.

  • She was winded after running a few blocks.

  • After running for a few miles, I was winded.

Definition of winded


breathing laboriously or convulsively


blown, pursy, short-winded

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Example Sentences for winded

  • 1

    They are pollinated by the wind.

  • 2

    Locust swarms fly with the wind at roughly the speed of the wind.

  • 3

    In this case wind is the pollinator.

  • 4

    In this case, the wind is the pollinator.

  • 5

    It is described as the wrath of the wind.

  • 6

    Gaol is the personification of the wind.

  • 7

    Civil disobedience was in the wind.

  • 8

    The flag was wagging by the wind.

  • 9

    The tissues desciccated by the wind.

  • 10

    The wind desiccated the flowers.