A wildfire is a large fire that is started by a small fire. A wildfire can quickly become a very large and dangerous fire.

  • The wildfire is quickly spreading and is now threatening many homes.

  • The wildfire started by the small fire is now a large and dangerous fire.

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    Great quantities of wildfire will combust with explosive force.

  • 2

    Perhaps after a wildfire, but not a wildfire itself.

  • 3

    Objectives of wildfire modeling.

  • 4

    Residents were panicked on this wildfire.

  • 5

    Impact of wildfire suppression on spreading.

  • 6

    In 1976, a wildfire burned of spruce.

  • 7

    It can withstand wildfire and drought.

  • 8

    Burnouts are coupled with wildfire suppression.

  • 9

    A wildfire model with data assimilation.

  • 10

    After the quake and the Wildfires of 2006.