Wickedly is adverbially. When something is wickedly, it is extremely bad. The weather is wickedly cold.

  • The wickedly cold weather is making it very difficult to work.

  • The wickedly competitive students are trying to oneup each other all the time.

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Example Sentences for wickedly

  • 1

    She is such a wicked and evil witch.

  • 2

    The wick is burning with fire.

  • 3

    Adjusting how much of the wick extends above the wick tube controls the flame.

  • 4

    Beware of the wicked witch of wikipedia

  • 5

    Keep the onus on the wicked unbelievers.

  • 6

    She will transmogrify into the Wicked Witch.

  • 7

    He was wicked and idolatrous of himself.

  • 8

    The new ruler was wicked minded.

  • 9

    Ashrams shall be devoid of the wicked and the deceits.

  • 10

    Burn the wicked wit of Captain Disdain