To whopping something is to do it in a very large way. When you whopping something, you are usually exaggerating the amount that you are doing.

  • He whopping the cake was way too much sugar.

  • She whopping the salad was way too much dressing.

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    There is no justification for such whopping quotations.

  • 2

    After a whopping discount from the original price it's still a whopping price.

  • 3

    That's a difference of a whopping 800 years.

  • 4

    That's a whopping 10 whole percent.

  • 5

    That is a whopping failure to engage or explain the Act.

  • 6

    And that would make you a whopping 38.

  • 7

    The article currently stands at a whopping 164kb.

  • 8

    Ryan whop is a bitch my nature felt sour after this.

  • 9

    Three of them were in the top 26, including the whopping Burlesque.

  • 10

    A user whop asks to be renames once a year, 5 times may be reasonable.