Weirdly is used to describe something that is very unusual or unexpected. When you say that something is weirdly shaped, you mean that it is not the usual shape for that kind of object.

  • The cake was oddly shaped, with a dome on top.

  • The plant was oddly shaped, with long vines.

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Example Sentences for weirdly

  • 1

    She has weirdly produberant eyes.

  • 2

    It is weirdly premonitory of a painter like Salvador Dali.

  • 3

    Otherwise it reads a bit weirdly.

  • 4

    It's obviously weirdly important to you.

  • 5

    The article reads weirdly without it.

  • 6

    I fixed the weirdly placed boldings.

  • 7

    Or, you're enforcing rules very weirdly.

  • 8

    It starts weirdly and the whole tone is that of victimization.

  • 9

    Also, this article is weirdly biased and unscientific.

  • 10

    The tone of the article is gushing and weirdly repetitive.