A weightlifter is someone who trains to lift weights. They often use weights that are very heavy, and they need to be able to lift them quickly and easily.

  • The weightlifter is training for the Olympics, and she is training with the heaviest weights possible.

  • The weightlifter is training to be able to lift a weight very quickly and easily.

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    The powder used by weightlifters is the carbonate.

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    Hackenschmidt was also a pioneer in the field of weightlifting.

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    The event was organised by the Asian Weightlifting Federation.

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    Weightlifting is one of the more traditional sports.

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    It served as the weightlifting venue of the 1976 Summer Olympics.

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    It was the site for the weightlifting competition for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

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    She joined the provincial weightlifting team in 1996.

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    Tapavicza took last place in the weightlifting competition.

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    Competition was held in the Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall.

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    Oliver received the Order of the British Empire for services to weightlifting.