Waxy is a word that is used to describe something that is smooth and slippery. It's often used to describe things like wax paper or candle wax.

  • The waxy substance on the window prevented the glass from breaking.

  • The waxy substance on the window made it difficult to see.

Definition of waxy


easily impressed or influenced


impressible, impressionable


made of or covered with wax




capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking


bendable, pliable, pliant


having the paleness of wax


waxen, waxlike

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Example Sentences for waxy

  • 1

    The case consists of a soft white, waxy substance saturated with spermaceti oil.

  • 2

    The blooms of several species are waxy.

  • 3

    The waxy core contains the virus.

  • 4

    The frill is full of holes and covered in a waxy adhesive.

  • 5

    The waxy cuticle is deposited on the shell in the bird's oviduct.

  • 6

    Red blotches are present in the waxy zone of the inner surface.

  • 7

    The bill is waxy red and the legs are pale fleshy or brown.

  • 8

    The clear, waxy contents of human pores is sebaceous secretion.

  • 9

    The fruit is entirely edible, including the slightly waxy skin.

  • 10

    The skin is waxy and the flesh partially translucent in the young pods.