Wavelike means like waves. When you say that something is wavelike, you are describing it in terms of how it moves and how it looks.

  • The water was wavelike, with small waves moving back and forth.

  • The wavelike pattern on the wallpaper was beautiful.

Definition of wavelike


uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves


crinkled, crinkly, rippled, wavy

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Example Sentences for wavelike

  • 1

    A field excitation can be wavelike and still be at rest.

  • 2

    It almost becomes wavelike and the aftereffect lasts quite long.

  • 3

    And the static field about an object has no wavelike characteristics.

  • 4

    They each spin horizontally, and then start fluctuating in a wavelike manner.

  • 5

    The third corner is under a veil of smoke, for it can be the wavelike level.

  • 6

    As a tadpole shrimp swims, its legs bend and straighten in a wavelike motion.

  • 7

    Her style is very bold using bright colour and a wavelike sense of movement.