Wavelengths are the distances between one point on a wave and the next point on the same wave. They are measured in meters.

  • The wavelength of the light is 565 nanometers.

  • The wavelength of the sound waves is 20 hertz.

Definition of wavelengths


a shared orientation leading to mutual understanding


the distance (measured in the direction of propagation) between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave

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Example Sentences for wavelengths

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    This is cause by the short wavelengths of the ultraviolet light.

  • 2

    The wavelength is related to the frequency.

  • 3

    Lambda is the incident wavelength of the laser.

  • 4

    The accuracy of the measurement is roughly the photon's wavelength.

  • 5

    The atom cannot determine the wavelength of the radiation.

  • 6

    The frequency only depends weakly on the wavelength.

  • 7

    All the wavelengths in the Lyman series are in the ultraviolet band.

  • 8

    Moreover the resonant cavity makes the wavelength selective.

  • 9

    Radiance is a physical measure of the radiation, independent of wavelength.

  • 10

    He divulged the radar's wavelength and the modulating frequencies.