Wastage is the act of wasting something, of using it in a way that is not useful or useful only in small doses.

  • The company is wasting money by buying those unnecessary items.

  • The teacher was Wastage of time by trying to explain the lesson in detail.

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Example Sentences for wastage

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    There's also the issue of wastage.

  • 2

    Otherwise it is only a wastage of time.

  • 3

    Plate and tube wastage in service.

  • 4

    Prevents wastage of useful cards.

  • 5

    Abusers must pay for the wastage.

  • 6

    In this sense, wastage of food is considered a sin.

  • 7

    That would greatly reduce time wastage.

  • 8

    Decent discussion shall avoid wastage of time.

  • 9

    And in other tables there's space wastage in some columns.

  • 10

    A printer's ream was 516 sheets, perhaps to allow for wastage.