Warping is a general term for when something changes or becomes distorted in some way. When you warp a picture, you are changing the proportions and the shape of the image.

  • The warping caused the picture to become distorted.

  • The warping of the fabric caused it to become torn.

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Example Sentences for warping

  • 1

    The fact is warped by the media.

  • 2

    The man warped the rod.

  • 3

    Who warped the wire

  • 4

    The book cover was warped by heat.

  • 5

    The road is warped all of a sudden.

  • 6

    The rod is now warped by force.

  • 7

    I never meant to warp the wire.

  • 8

    I warped the wire to make a circle.

  • 9

    That is the scale of the warped surreal world of RSF.

  • 10

    The crane can warp anything quick.