When you are wary, you are cautious and you are worried. You are probably feeling wary because you don't know what is going to happen.

  • She was feeling wary because she didn't know who the intruder was.

  • He was feeling wary because he didn't know who he could trust.

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Example Sentences for wariness

  • 1

    I'm wary of the neutrality of this article.

  • 2

    Cloudburst is extremely cautious and wary.

  • 3

    Another thing to be wary of is the placement of hyphens.

  • 4

    As for the climate, I was wary of the source myself.

  • 5

    I'd prefer more wariness and circumspection.

  • 6

    People are wary of the wrath unleashed by the deity.

  • 7

    The major leaders sought to moderate this wary of fanaticism.

  • 8

    At the time, Britain was very wary of the wave of events in France.

  • 9

    Kamin is very wary of the public's likelihood of damaging the pavilion.

  • 10

    I'm wary of all the extrenuous spaces in the syntax for one.